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Archery Lessons

We offer one-on-one indoor archery lessons for everyone from beginners to veterans.

In order to maintain our ability to offer lessons directly tailored to you, we do not currently offer group sessions.

  • Our lessons are five different classes that last for 45 minutes a class.
  • We teach lessons in our shop every day we are open by appointment only.

In our first class, we evaluate the student’s skill level and explain to the student the safety procedures for safely shooting a bow.

In the second class, knowing the student’s skill level, we come up with a lesson schedule geared for the student.

Expert ARCHERY Instruction IN Woodstock


To schedule a lesson you must call the shop, (678) 503-2224.

The rate for a 45-minute class is $65.00.

Some students may only need 1 or 2 classes while others may need 5 or 6 classes.